Melinda Látos Ph.D.

Melinda Látos Ph.D.

University of Pécs Institute of Psychology
University of Szeged Institute of Psychology
personality and clinical psychology

Post: clinical psychologist

Scientific work: MTMT

2013 National Excellence Program Jedlik Ányos Doctorate Scholarship
2012 Best Young Lecturer Award, Foundation for Clinical Surgery Szeged
2011 Pro Psychology Scholarship for Talented Researchers
2010 Special Award of Hungarian Psychological Association 19th Congress
2009 Special Award of 21st National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference
2009 Special Award of the president of Hungarian Parliament
2009 Golden Seagull Award Excellent Student Program University of Szeged
2009 Dean’s Honor University of Szeged

Psychological risk factors in the success of kidney transplantation
Impact of the disease representation and the level of anxiety on the healing process
Impact of pre- and postoperative psychological interventions on the recovery of female patients with breast cancer
Complex bio-psycho-social prospective study