4th Year, 1st Semester – Annotation ÁOK-OAK471

Name of the course: Surgery I.
Credits: 3
Lecture: 2 lessons per week – Course code: AOK-KA331 – Form of exam: qualification (5)
Practice: block practical 2 lessons per week – Course code: AOK-KA332 – Form of examination: signature

Obligatory textbook: Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence. (Ed.: Norton J, Barie PS, Bollinger RR, Chang AE, Lowry S, Mulvihill SJ, Pass HI, Thompson RW.). 2nd ed. Springer, 2008. ISBN 978-0-387-681113-9. Available formats: eBook, Hardcover.

Year/semester: 4th year, 1st semester

Subject requirement(s): closed Surgical Propedeutics (AOK-KUA141 and AOK-KUA142) courses

(lectures, practices, seminars)
Week Lecture Practice/Seminar
1. Benign diseases of the breast  
2. Surgery of the breast cancer  
3. Oncoplastic breast surgery
Surgery of the abdominal wall, hernia repair
4. Surgery of the mediastinum  
5. Surgery of the thorax  
6. Surgery of the lung cancer  
7. Vascular surgery  
8. Vascular surgery  
9. Vascular surgery.Endocrine surgery, surgery of the thyroid gland  
10. Cardiac surgery  
11. Cardiac surgery  
12.   Block practice
13.   Block practice
14.   Block practice

Requirements for the successful completion of the course:

Attendance of the lectures is not compulsory but strictly recommended. Given the COVID-19 situation, the lectures will be held online. A link to the lecture material – in ppt format synchronized with audio material – can be found on CooSpace and the clinic homepage.

Attendance of the practical is compulsory. Proofs of the reason of absences – not later than the week after the absence – are to be presented at the Secretariat of the Department of Surgery as stated in the Faculty Code of Study Regulations. Official time: Monday-

Thursday 9-10 am., 14-15 pm.

At the end of each lecture, students can answer a 4-question test of the lecture material online on CooSpace. For those students who achieve at least 80% of the maximum points the Department offer grade 4 (good), and for those ones who achieve at least 90% of the maximum points the Department offer grade 5 (excellent) as the result of the official examination. Maximum 2 tests can be missed during the semester. Proofs of the reason of absences –not later than the week after the absence – are to be presented at the Secretariat of the Department of Surgery. In case of a certified absence the final maximal points will be reduced with the points of the missed lectures. All questions of the missing test are evaluated as 0 (zero) points in case of not certified absence. If a technical difficulty arises during the test due to a malfunction of the internet connection, it should be reported immediately by e-mail (with photographic evidence, screenshot) to the clinic’s secretariat (office.surg@med.u-szeged.hu) after the exam.

All those students who have not been given an offered mark or have not accepted it have to take the test exam. Semester Closing Colloquium: A written test that will take place on the CooSpace interface on Monday, December 14. 2020., from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The sufficient level is 60-69%, medium 70-79%, good 80-89%, excellent 90%.

The test is qualified as an official examination. Unjustified absence decreases the number of the exam options. Replacement: The test exam will be corrected or replaced by an oral exam organized orally or online in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty Code of Study Regulations, on the Skype interface, according to the current instructions of the Dean’s Office.

We pointedly call the attention on the fact the test will be based both of the lectures and the relevant chapters of the official textbook.

Forms of testing: test + oral examination

a./ MTO-s: no

b./ Examination at the end of the semester: examination

Students are required to sign up for, or postpone examinations through the NEPTUN system.

Hereby we remind our students that the collocation of the test-questions is based on the analogical chapters of the obligatory textbook: Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence and the lectures. Not official notes – handed among the students – are not enough for taking the test examination successfully.

Szeged, 11 August 2020

András Petri M.D., Ph.D., Habil. György Lázár M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Clinical Deputy Director Head of Department of Surgery
Thursday February 25th, 2021 @ 08:19 AM